If you cannot keep up with men who are walking how much more with men on horses?
The economies of the world are being run albeit without our involvement.
The atheists are planning your healthcare, policies, and economies.

The Premise

We Africans lost faith in ourselves, and our cause and thus we were more amenable to brainwashing, indoctrination by all kind of foreign powers. As I would put it, We stopped believing in our God and turned to the white man’s God. I submit to you that it is imperative that we must have a new cause, a new faith, a new beginning.

Don’t be deluded that the world if full of benevolent individuals and institutions whose only claim to fame is that they want to lift Africa from the morass that she now finds herself in.

The reality is the poverty of Africa is the glory of some civilizations. Poverty is an industry, ignorance is an industry, and disease likewise is an industry and thus it is in the interest of some individuals and organizations to keep the Continent in poverty,ignorance, and disease, as it is profitable for them to have it so.

As the English say “let the sleeping dogs, lie.”. We are sleeping, and we are being allowed to lie. I am saying to you that if Africa is achieve her dream then we need to wake up.

Go out there and multiply, replenish, and subdue the world.