Money doesn’t really exist- it a theory.

If you look at how the world has been acquired - it has been done by a banking scam where you lend people money that doesn’t exist and charge them interest, and if they don’t pay the money back plus interest you take their real physical wealth that does exist; their house, their land , their business or whatever.

And we’ve been through a process where banks lending credit, figures on a screen, greatly in excess of what they have as assets called fractional reserve lending ,and when the people can’t get pay they back, the banks get all the resources they lend money on sucking the real wealth of the world into the hands of a few by this lending scam called credit.

The money is worth something because the buyer and the seller believe it is and nothing more.

When you go to a bank and say you want to borrow $50000 your account is typed an amount of $50000 called credit from thin air.

And when you pay back you pay $50000 plus interest , the interest is not created only the principal.

So when people say government creates money, the government does not create money but money is created by private banks by lending credit. That is how money comes into circulation.

This means at no point in time is there enough money to pay all the debt plus all the interest on the debt outstanding, so people losing their homes,businesses, land, e.t.c is built into the system on purpose.

Now when there is an expansion of the money supply, Peter paying Paul seems undesirable to them, but when you squeeze the money supply, it becomes obvious that there is nothing like enough money to pay all the debt and interest.

So people losing their resources, property,e.t.c is for no other reason than there is just not enough money to pay all the debt, and this has been going on for centuries.

The next step is to take cash out of circulation, so you cannot interact with a bank branch with physical cash.


Because when you go into a store and you give them your credit card and they say sorry the system wont accept your card you can always pay cash, but when there is no cash and they say that the system wont accept your microchip or card, how can you buy anything?!

This essentially means whoever controls the digital currency can dictate who can buy and who cannot, who eats and who doesn’t.

The alternative would be barter but the is a plan to ban barter trade because they will argue they cant tax it.

You may ask what about cryptocurrency? Well what is cryptocurrency? Another digital currency created by a private company, and so it follows.

I am not saying that there are no good things about crypto like Bitcoin but only so long as cash stays in circulation.

Without cash they can literally wipe your digital money especially if you are a dissident of the state.